About Our School


The Rosary School follows the curriculum outlined by the Ministry of Education, U.A.E. It offers both science and arts streams. The students sit for the public secondary examination known as the Tougehe in their twelfth year.

The school has always achieved the best results and the highest grades with many first ranks in the whole of the U.A.E. This has been achieved due to God’s blessings, the support of the Ministry of Education and the constant hard work and devotion of the sisters and teachers.


Mission & Vision


The school prides itself in offering the students high Eastern traditional values. Its goal is to raise a generation of highly motivated, well mannered individuals inspired by the Holy Scriptures.

The students who will depart from the school will be taught to respect all religious values based on their respective norms. They will be taught to be tolerant of others, to be open minded and to treat all individuals with respect disregarding religious and socio-economic differences.

The Rosary School students will be well educated, well mannered individuals armed with high moral values. They will follow their religious beliefs and will be spiritually refined. The school will concentrate on developing leadership qualities, team work, commitment and loyalty as part of character building activities.H.


Message from Sister Adleen 


  I welcome parents, students and well wishers to the launching of our website.i

 This website has been setup to facilitate communication between parents and the staff of the Rosary School. If there are any suggestions for the betterment of the school please post them on our website and we will take them into account.i.

We, at the Rosary School believe that education is a holy message that is passed onto students, the future torch bearers of society, through our dedicated teachers. The Rosary School provides an environment in which every student discovers and realizes his/her full potential. It is an institution where the development of the soul is as important as a healthy body and mind.

Our special thanks to Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahiyan. It is due to His Highness’ foresight, vision, dedication and energy that education is scaling new heights in the UAE today.i.

Rosary School is setting up an Alumni Association to further ties between the students and the school. The objective is to provide a ground where all will be able to meet and communicate with each other so as to provide help and     support to whoever needs it..i


Administrative & Teaching Staff


To ensure maximum cooperation, to monitor the student’s progress effectively and to give the students special care and guidance, the school is supported by a very well qualified administrative staff , headed by our Principal Sister Adline and two Secretaries, an Accounts Department, a Registration Officer, and a Public Relations Manager.I.

The school is divided into the following sections

Secondary Girls Section: This section has girls from grades 6-12. It is headed by Sister Laurette Zawaiedeh with four Administrators and a Counselor.
Elementary Girls Section: This section has students from grades1-5 and is under the supervision of Sister Lina Khamis, two Administrators and a Counselor.

Boys Section: This section has boys from grades 1- 6 and is under the supervision of Sister Stephanie Halaseh, two Administrators and a Counselor.


Kindergarten Section: It comprises of KG 1 and KG 2, headed by Sister Josephine and two Administrators



The Rosary School offers English and French as language options. It prepares the students for the French language certification “DELF”, and the English language certification “TOEFL”.  It also gives to its students the opportunity to pursue sports like basket ball, volley ball, table tennis, karate and scouts.

In addition, the school gives students the opportunity to learn music and participate in Art and Science Exhibitions.Parents are welcome to meet with the sisters and the teaching staff to get feedback on the student’s performance. There are annual parent-teacher meetings held









The school provides bus services for the students to be picked up from and dropped back home after school. There is a helper or a member of the staff present at all times on the bus for the safety of the children...H